Friday, September 18, 2015

The Importance of Clinical Research Education & Awareness

As a patient recruitment provider, finding the right strategy or tactic to locate the right patients for a study is central to the job. While identifying the proper initiative for a recruitment campaign is a critical piece of the work we do, building awareness for research is the elephant in the room that is rarely given its proper due.

Often times, locating the right patients is not enough. Through well-publicized historical events and a deep-seeded mistrust of the pharmaceutical industry, there exists a general public bias against clinical research that makes patient recruitment an uphill battle. This inherent obstacle is something that should always be accounted for when developing materials for studies, as patient education is critical to overcoming this stigma and boosting enrollment rates for the trials we support.

There are many organizations in the healthcare space that are advocates for clinical research. CISCRP stands out as a group that is trying to build awareness for trials and their importance in all of our lives. In particular, their AWARE for All events are a significant initiative to educate patients about the importance of research, and serving as a forum to empower patients around their healthcare decisions.

Since 2003, AWARE for All Clinical Research Education Days have been offered in cities across the country. An upcoming  Chicago program will offer free health screenings and information, complimentary refreshments, and an engaging talk with local doctors and patients. If you are associated with clinical research, we encourage you to attend or refer your patients to the event to support this worthwhile endeavor.

Location: Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, 2160 S. First Avenue, Maywood, IL. 60153
Website for more Information:
Date & Time: September 28th; presentations from 6:00PM-8:00 PM, with health screenings and our Informational Alley opening promptly at 5:00 PM
Highlights of the Day: Free food & giveaways, free health screenings & informational resources, and a chance to connect with local physicians and patients!

First 75 to pre-register will be given at $20 gift card at the end of the event! Plus, in honor of each AWARE attendee, a vaccine will be donated through the Greater Gift Initiative to a child in a developing country.

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